Jobs & Economy

Kansas should work for everyone, not just a few at the top.


The state has not raised the minimum wage beyond the federal starvation wage of $7.25/hour in more than a decade, even as other nearby states have passed increases to their minimum wage. [Kansas $7.25/hr] [Nebraska $9/hr] [Colorado $12/hr] [Missouri $9.45/hr]


Meanwhile, Kansas’ anti-union law (“right to work” for less) hurts workers by gutting hard-fought-for union protections.


Kansan families deserve a living wage and a seat at the table. A.J. will fight for a minimum wage of at least $15/hour indexed to inflation and will work to make sure every Kansan has a right to band together with fellow workers to bargain for better wages and working conditions.


A.J. will also work to level the playing field so that large employers whose profit centers are far outside Kansas do not have an unfair advantage against local businesses. Kansas should provide better incentives for homegrown small businesses and worker-owned cooperative enterprises so that workers have a voice and a stake in their companies and communities