A.J. knows women’s rights are human rights. He supports pay equity, paid family and medical leave, workplace rights, and increased protection for women against domestic violence and sexual assault.


A.J. does not believe it should be the role of government to deny women reproductive freedom nor should it be the role of state and federal lawmakers to get in the way of private, deeply personal decisions women make about their reproductive health.


A.J. believes in a comprehensive approach to the issue of abortion. Too often, the issue has become needlessly partisan, with warring camps shouting past each other and not seeking solutions that get to the root of the matter.


As such, A.J. does not believe the best way to reduce abortion rates is by passing laws that impose strict limits on women’s access to family planning services or abortion. These laws do nothing to change anyone’s heart or mind, let alone the often-precarious economic conditions women and families face.


A.J. believes that any society that claims to be pro-life must first provide free at the point of service prenatal and postnatal healthcare to women and affordable housing for families. A.J. also believes in generous incentives for adoption and increased funding for community health centers, which provide needed and lifesaving care to underserved communities.


Ultimately, the role of the government should be to foster a society where abortion is rare because we have addressed the root causes. Passing burdensome restrictions only hardens opposition on the other side and does nothing to solve underlying problems. In a democratic society, public discussions should lead to solutions, not decades of distrust on both sides. A.J. will work to bridge the divide between pro-life conservatives and pro-choice progressives in order to build a better society for everyone.